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Types of Fire

Types of Fire - Fires for Different Situations

There are several types of fire that can be constructed to suit differing kinds of camping and survival needs.

Indian Fire

This is for an overnight or semi permanent campsite. The wood should be placed around the fire and the ends should be fed in.

If there is a need for extra heat such as for cooking, then push the fuel into the middle of the fire and let it burn up.

If the need is just to keep the fire going then the fuel should be fed in slowly as it burns to save on fuel viagra générique prix.

By digging a small bowl under the main fire the embers will stay hotter longer.

Star Fire

A star fire uses four big logs, set at right angles to each other. The fire is kept up by moving the logs in and out of the fire.

Altar Fire

On very wet ground or peat ground, it is necessary to change the shape of the fire.

The fire is raised off the ground on a platform.

It is important to make sure that the platform is lined with a suitable material that will not burn.

This is essential on peat ground as there is a risk of setting the ground alight.

Criss-Cross Fire

This fire is best suited as a cooking fire; it burns up quite quickly to leave a good even bed of coals.

Light a small Indian fire first and then build over the top of this in a criss-cross pattern that allows plenty of air to circulate around it.

Whatever type of fire you build, remember the destructive power if allowed to get out of control.

When finished with, always ensure the fire is well and truly out, and try to leave as little trace of it as possible.

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