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Scouts Kit List

Scouts Kit List

Outdoor Adventure Kit ChecklistMost people in the UK know that the scouting movement was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell. He was a decorated soldier best known during his military career for the defence of Mafeking during the Boer War.

He had written a handbook for soldiers called Aids to Scouting, and was persuaded to rewrite it for younger people. In 1908 Scouting for Boys was published and although it was intended as a training aid for existing organisations, it was the start of a new movement which is now enjoyed worldwide by some 28 million people in 216 countries.

Scouting - An International Movement

Today, over 400,000 people in the UK enjoy the benefits of The Scout Association. It provides personal development opportunities and adventurous activities for young people aged from 6 years up to 25 years.

For the very youngest (6 to 8 years old) there are Beaver Scouts. Next are the Cub scouts (for ages 8 up to 10), and finally the Scouts (for ages 10 to 15). It is open to girls as well as boys.

Scout Camps

Camping is an essential part of scouting and there are many badges that can be gained for various camping activities. As with any type of camping trip, a kit list is advisable, so we have compiled a suggested kit list that we hope will help.

Please check with your scout leader because required kit may vary, depending on your Scout Group, or even your particular Colony, Pack or Troop.

Suggested Scout Camp Kit List


  • Scout Uniform
  • Nightwear
  • Jumper/Sweater
  • T-Shirt or Shirt
  • Shorts or Trousers
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Trainers
  • Hiking Boots/Walking Shoes
  • Waterproof Jacket & Trousers
  • Swimwear (if required)

Camp Kit

  • Rucksack or Kit Bag
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Groundsheet
  • Mug, Plate & Bowl
  • Knife, Fork & Spoon
  • Torch (with Batteries & spare bulb)
  • Towel(s)
  • Wash Kit
  • First Aid Kit (including any personal medication)
  • Polythene Bags (for rubbish and for dirty laundry)

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