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DoE Kit List

DoE Expedition Kit List

Outdoor Adventure Kit ChecklistThe Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a programme of activities to be undertaken by young people in their spare time.

It is intended to help develop self-confidence, independence, and responsibility, and to promote a sense of identity, self-belief, talents and abilities, and much more. Above all, though, it should be fun.

There are four sections of activities comprising Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and an Expedition. For the Gold Award there is also a Residential Project to be undertaken.

Three Award Levels

There are three Awards, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold, and they get progressively more challenging. Although it is normal to do the Bronze first, then the Silver, followed by the Gold, it is not mandatory. You could go in directly at the Silver Award level.

There are age limits, though. For the Bronze Award you must be at least 14 years old, for the Silver Award 15, and for the Gold Award you must be at least 16.

Key Principles

The key principles of the Award are that it should be non-competitive, voluntary, flexible, balanced, progressive and available to all. Also, that it should be focussed on achievement; should be treated as a marathon rather than a sprint; and that it should help one's personal and social development.

Why should you participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

Well, first and foremost you should find it fun and enjoyable. You'll be trying new things, meeting new people, and spending time with your mates.

Choosing & Planning Personal Goals

You'll discover how choosing, and planning your personal goals will help you achieve them - and how achieving personal goals can change your life.

There are over 225,000 young people participating in the Award in the UK alone, so it is proving very popular.

And don't forget that many employers regard the Award as a qualification, so it could help you in your career when you leave school or college.

Below is the recommended Kit List for D. of E. Award expeditions.

Most participants will be doing this through their school or club, or with organisations like the scouts or cadets, so you may find that some of the equipment is provided by them.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Expedition Kit List

Personal Kit

1    Large Rucksack (at least 55 litre)
2    Rucksack Liners (or plastic bags)
1    Sleeping Bag
1    Sleep Mat
1    Sleeping Bag Liner (optional)
1    Survival Bag (optional)
1    First Aid Kit
1    Whistle
1    Notebook
1    Pen
1    Torch with spare batteries and bulbs
1    Water Bottle
1    Cutlery set (Knife, Fork & Spoon)
1    Plate, Bowl & Mug
1    Matches (in waterproof container)
1    Wash Kit
1    Towel
1    Small Pocket Knife

Personal Clothing

3    Pairs of Underwear
2    Pair of Walking Socks
2    T-Shirts
1    Shirt
1    Spare Sweater
1    Spare Walking Trousers
1    Pair of Trainers (optional)
1    Warm Hat
1    Pair of Gloves
1    Pair of Shorts (optional)
1    Sun Hat (if necessary)
1    Sun Cream (if necessary)
1    Thermal Underwear (optional)
1    Pair of Gaiters (optional)
1    Waterproof Overtrousers
1    Waterproof Jacket

Group Kit

Tent or Tents
Cooking Stoves
Cooking Pots
Cooking Utensils
Scourers and cloths

1    Map
1    Compass
1    Map Case
2    Tea Towels

Plastic Bags (for rubbish etc.)

Where the quantity is not shown it means it is dependent on the size of the group.

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