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It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.

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Camping Stoves Guide

Camping Stoves Guide

Camping Stoves are one of the most important pieces of camping equipment - there really is no better way to cook outdoors than by having a good, reliable camping stove at your side.

Gas Camping Stoves

A gas camping stove is one of the most versatile and affordable camping stoves available, and there is a wide range available on the market.

With new advanced features, such as wind protection, stable pan supports and easy push button piezo electric ignition, gas stoves are both reliable and powerful performers - great for the family and individuals alike.

For many a single burner stove will be adequate, but for families and larger parties you will probably want to look at the larger 2 burner stoves, perhaps with built in grill.

We have never found the grills to be particularly good, especially for making toast, so don’t think of this as being a ‘must have’ option.

There are some very good toasters available that sit on the single burner and will toast up to 4 slices at a time.

Single Burner Stoves

Most standard, single burner camping stoves use either the pierceable gas canister or the screw-on gas canister with safety valve.

The pierceable canister is less expensive, but the valved cartridge offers more versatility allowing it to be removed while still containing some gas.

This allows you to use one cartridge for both your camping stove and your camping lantern - but not at the same time!

We strongly recommend you always carry a replacement gas canister or cartridge to ensure you never run short of fuel.

Jetboil Camping Stoves - a Complete Cooking System

Jetboil are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of performance stoves suitable for extreme conditions.

The Jetboil Personal Cooking System offers outstanding efficiency in an ultra compact format - ideal for hiking and higher altitudes.

The Jetboil Systems all feature a gas camping stove complete with a cooking pot.

For larger camping groups, there is the Jetboil Group Cooking System and the Jetboil Helios Cooking System.

A recent addition to the Jetboil range is the Flash Cooking System, which has colour-change heat indicator.

Travel Stoves and Systems

There is also a range of small, portable stoves that use hexamine tablets. These are often referred to as hexi stoves.

They are often preferred by backpackers due to their small and lightweight design and good performance.

Their ultra compact design ensures they will squeeze into the tightest gap in your rucksack, great for trekking or backpacking when weight is so important.

Many festivals have now banned the use of gas stoves, so they are becoming a firm favourite with festival goers.

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