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Outdoor Jackets

Outdoor Jackets

There is a fantastic range of outdoor jackets available on the market from top name brands like Jack Pyke, Deerhunter, Helly Hansen and Snugpak, all of which use the latest advances in outdoor technology.

Many are specially designed for country pursuits like walking, fishing, shooting and hunting.

Waterproof Outdoor Jackets for Hunting, Shooting and Walking

Waterproof Jackets (or Hard Shell) are essential items in your outdoor clothing, especially here in the UK. Many of them have been specially designed for outdoor activities like hunting, shooting and fishing.

For coping with severe weather you may want to look for wrist shrouds, good storm flaps covering the zips and pockets, and a hood.

Some jackets also have a waterproof flap that can be used to sit on damp ground when you need to have a break. These are a great idea for walkers and also for hunters and anglers.

If you are going to be particularly active, you will need to consider how breathable the jacket is. It can be very uncomfortable if you are sweating inside a jacket that is not breathable.

Pit zips can be of particular benefit here, allowing underarm moisture to escape.

Soft Shell Outdoor Jackets

There is also a great range of soft shell jackets which are highly breathable with a good spray rating to cope with light showers.

A Soft Shell Jacket provides a good alternative to a fully waterproof jacket for those who will be very active while outdoors.

When you are very active more perspiration will be produced and a fully waterproof jacket may not have the necessary level of breathability.

You can never underestimate the value of a good quality outdoor jacket, whether it is a hard shell (fully waterproof) or soft shell (water resistant and highly breathable).