Outdoor Quotes: (Fishing)

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Author Unknown

Shooting Bags & Packs

Shooting Bags & Packs

There is a very wide range of Shooting Bags & Packs that will provide a place for everything while out shooting, hunting and stalking.

Shotguns and rifles need to be kept protected while in transit, and you will also need cases and bags for your cartridges, decoys and other shooting accessories.

Shotgun Slips & Rifle Slips

Shotgun Slips and Rifle & Sight Slips, from brands like Jack Pyke and Deerhunter, are padded to protect your rifle or shotgun as well as making it easier to carry them around.

A shotgun or rifle is an expensive piece of equipment, so you need to make sure you have something to protect it when not in use.

Cartridge Bags & Cartridge Belts

Cartridge belts and cartridge bags are often important items of your shooting equipment, although some will prefer to use the pockets on their shooting jacket or waistcoat.

Many of these bags and belts are available in Cordura, which is incredibly tough and durable, as well as in leather which is also very tough but a bit more stylish.

For those who want quick access to their cartridges, look for cartridge bags specially designed for this, like the Jack Pyke Speed Loader Cartridge Bag.

Decoy Bags, Dog Bags & Game Bags

There is also a great range of decoy bags, dog bags and game bags available to keep all the rest of your shooting accessories.

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