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If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there''d be a shortage of fishing poles.

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Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Camping holidays have always been popular in the UK, and in times of recession usually even more so.

It can not only provide a cheap holiday, but the kids love it and it is refreshing to get a bit closer to nature.

Camping equipment can be a bit expensive, especially the first time you go. If it is your first ever experience, then it might be worth considering some of the budget brands and camping sets available.

For regular campers we would recommend buying your camping equipment from leading brands like Jetboil, Coleman and Snugpak.

Their products use the latest advances in outdoor technology and will help to ensure that your camping expedition is one to remember - for all the right reasons.

Camp Sleeping Equipment

The first thing to look for will be sleeping equipment. This includes tents, sleeping bags and liners, and sleep mats to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Consider their size and weight, as well as quality and value for money, so that you won’t be too weighed down getting to your campsite.

Camping Stoves & Cookware

For cooking, there is a vast range of portable stoves and cookers to cook on, and a range of pots and pans to cook in.

Again, look for good quality but small and lightweight stoves and cookware.

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