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Snugpak LogoSnugpak are world famous for their superb range of insulated soft shell jackets, and their sleeping bags.

The combination of Softie insulation and Reflectatherm has created a range that is extremely lightweight, packs down incredibly well, and yet provides superb thermal insulation against extreme cold weather.

Snugpak Sleeping Bags & Soft Shell Jackets

Snugpak are world famous for their Sleeping Bags and Soft Shell Jackets, including the Softie range and the Original Sleeka Jacket.

The Softie sleeping bags and Sleeka jackets are currently being used by thousands of military personnel around the world.

The Sleeka is still their most popular jacket, having the ideal balance between warmth, weight and pack size.

It is a highly breathable soft shell with a comfort rating of -5ºc.

Softie 3 & Softie 6 Sleeping Bags

The Softie 3 sleeping bag is an international best seller, and the Softie 6 was the most widely used (privately purchased) sleeping bag in the Gulf conflict.

Both of these bags have an incredible size to warmth ratio.

Most of the Snugpak product range is still made here in the UK, although the new Elite range of sleeping bags and jackets are made in the Far East.

Snugpak History

Snugpak is the brand name of Snugpak Ltd (formerly Brett Harris Ltd) - a family run business which won the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2002, and again in 2009.

Brett and Bryony Harris founded the company in 1976, making body warmers.

The following year they invested in G & H Products Ltd to get more experience in the outdoor industry, but 2 years later branched out on their own.

(G & H Products Ltd later became Craghoppers.)

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