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1000 Mile

1000 Mile

1000 Mile Walking SocksWhen it comes to looking after your feet, a good pair of walking socks is just as important as a good pair of walking boots or shoes.

1000 Mile Walking Socks are specially designed to be warm and comfortable to wear, to keep your feet dry, and to eliminate blisters.

They achieve this by having a built in liner.

A Sock within a Sock

1000 Mile Walking Socks have a technical outer layer, and an inner layer made from Tactel®. Tactel® is a high wicking material designed to wick moisture (sweat) away from the skin transferring it to the outer layer for evaporation.

In effect, you are getting 2 pairs of socks.

Walking Socks Designed for Blister Free Hiking & Walking

Blisters are caused by the sock rubbing against the skin. When you use 2 pairs of socks (a liner sock and an outer sock) the liner sock moves with the foot while the outer sock moves with the shoe or boot. Any rubbing caused by movement is between the 2 sock layers, and not between the sock and your foot.

High Wicking Walking Socks

The Tactel® Inner Layer is very high wicking and will help keep your feet dry. It wicks perspiration away from the skin and transfers it to the outer sock where it can evaporate.

This not only helps to keep your feet dry, but also further helps to eliminate blisters as any dampness can cause the sock to stick to the boot and make any rubbing against the skin even worse.

Innovative Outdoor Clothing

1000 Mile Walking Socks use the latest innovations in outdoor clothing technology, like flat toe seams, and padding in the toe, ball and heel areas for extra cushioning and comfort.

Some also use arch bracing, and the Fusion Socks have padding to protect the Achilles tendon.

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